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Luxury of Nature in the heart of Zimnik Valley

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11 Aug 2022
12 Aug 2022
The Zimnik Valley
Routed routes lead all walkers through the Zimnik Valley, closed for traffic - an asphalt surface or a parallel didactic path with a paved surface is available.

Walks and trips Around the Zimnik hotel

o Educational Path in Zimnik valley – two hours tour through the beautiful forest with many educational elements. Tourist stops are located on the route, some knowledge about the nature is also presented. The distance is approximately 1.5 km. The time it takes to go across the track and analyze the topics presented on the bulletin board is approximately 2 hours. The route path begins at the car parking 500 meters from the hotel. At the entrance to the car parking you can find a table presenting the route the stops. Hiking trails around the hotel Blue - Lipowa Ostre (539 m) - Jaskowa Hala (950 m) - Skrzyczne (1257 m) Yellow - Lipowa Ostre (539 m) - The Zimnik Valley - Lukasne - Kościelec (1022 m) - Malinowska Skała (1152 m) Green - Ostre (539 m) - Hala Ostre - Muronka (1017 m) - Magurka Radziechowska (1091 m)
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