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Luxury of Nature in the heart of Zimnik Valley
29 May 2022
30 May 2022

Fun for everyone


trips for a few hours or several days crossings through difficult parts of our beautiful landscaping, fitness tracks and many other possibilities on ATV quadricycles. A full range of possibilities with a large dose of emotions! Before the expedition, participants will receive a brief theoretical and practical training, matching helmets and we can move into the area.


we will take you on a snowmobile expedition to wild areas. Routes prepared by us lead through the most varied areas and trails. Crossing the remote wilderness is a real challenge and an unforgettable, emotional adventure that will provide a high level of adrenaline and good fun.

4 x 4 Off - Road

For those who need a stronger experience. Depending on the size of the group, we provide you with several or more professionally prepared off-road vehicles, such as Nissan Patrol, Jeep Wrangler, Suzuki Samurai and others. Each event is prepared individually and based on the group's requirements. There are many opportunities, ranging from recreational mountain crossings, integration trip. We guarantee an increased level of adrenaline !!.


is a sport practiced by people of any profession and lifestyle, in which neither gender nor age plays any role. Paintball counts: intelligence and speed of thinking, determination not strength, speed or agility. Before starting the game, each participant receives a coverall, a mask and a paintball marker with ammunition. The game scenarios prepared by us perfectly help in the process of creative conflict resolution, creative thinking skills, group work and in increasing resistance to stress.


is a means great fun in one. You can ride it anywhere you can not get around by car or bike - in shops, offices, public buildings, airports, elevators or the subway as well as in places for walks. The batteries allow you to travel up to 38km from one charging cycle. It depends on the terrain, the weight of the cargo carried, or the driving style itself.

Shooting range

Several types of bows, pneumatic weapons and necessary patience and self-discipline. In addition, we offer training on pneumatic and combat shooting ranges

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