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11 Aug 2022
12 Aug 2022

Nature and Didactic Path

We invite you to visit the didactic-natural path "Dolina Zimnik". Its route with numerous educational elements runs through the beautiful forestry forest of Węgierska Górka in the commune of Lipowa. Tourist equipment and educational stops located on the route allow you to bring knowledge about nature, as well as relax in the bosom of nature The didactic path of the Zimnik Valley was marked out at Skrzyczne massif. This corner is very often visited by tourists. The path's task is to draw attention to the specificity of mountainous nature, both animate and inanimate. A very important goal is to show the biodiversity of organisms living together in the forest environment and the role of humans in preserving the posterior natural values of our region. The didactic trail was marked out along the Zimnik stream in the terrain, making it possible to use it not only for seasoned tourists, but also for groups of pre-school children and the elderly. The route is approximately 1.5 km long. The time required to travel the entire path and analyze the topics presented on the information boards is about 2 hours. The trail starts at the forest car park next to the forester's lodge. At the entrance to the parking lot, a table is displayed showing the course of the route with marked stops. The car park is equipped with tourist equipment. thanks to which you can rest, light a fire, or take shelter from the rain. After crossing the footbridge, we encounter a table showing the subject of the first stop Stop 1. We get acquainted with basic forest-forming species The route runs to the right. We move along the marked path along the stream. On the right side of the path we can see a remnant of a watermill that once brought water to a now-defunct sawmill. Arriving at the second stop, we see artificial nesting for birds on the trees. Stop 2. "Birds are allies of the forest On the trees growing in the area on the information board, nesting boxes were placed. The glade is overgrown with herbaceous vegetation typical of the habitats found in the lower regula. Arriving at the creek, the younger generation of the forest appears to us on the other side. Stop 3. "Young Forest Generation" Looking at the slope we can see the effects of foresters' work in the form of crops changing the species composition from solid spruce, for adapted to the habitat type of forest, mixed stands with the participation of beech, fir, larch, sycamore and other biocenotic species. Heading towards the next stop, we pass a prepared resting place. Stop 4 "Zimnik Stream" Pure water as the source of life. In the stream bed, we can see the rock profile along the entire length. In the sandstone water has drilled its bed, creating a series of cascades and waterfalls with deep pools. Stop 5 "Feeding animals Near the stop there is pasture and a lick for deer. The information board presents photos of basic species of deer and predators living in our forests Wild animals are an indispensable element of forest biocenosis. Therefore, the hunting economy is one of the integral elements of forest management. Stop 6. "The main components of the Forest" This stop was located in a forest warehouse where you can look at various types of pheromone traps. Going to the other side of the line-up, we meet the prepared exercise: "Try to determine the age of this day" Here, too, a shelter was built to shelter from the rain and a place where you can safely light a bonfire. After a short rest we move on. We follow the asphalt road towards the forester's lodge. In the middle of the route we encounter a monument dedicated to the murdered Poles during the Nazi occupation. Arriving at the forester's lodge, we stop at the last stop Stop 7 "Nursery school The information board presents the main species of breeding trees on forest nurseries. While walking along the fence of the nursery, you can also get acquainted with the way it is run and look at the currently performed works Didactic and Natural Path "" Zimnik Valley "" was developed by the Węgierska Górka Forest Inspectorate Source

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