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11 Aug 2022
12 Aug 2022
Dear guests,
Dear guests,

Dear guests,

You can find everything you need to do Nordic Walking. Our guests can enjoy the impressions of the beautiful Beskid routes, which start just 100m from Hotel Zimnik. Routed routes lead all walkers through the Zimnik Valley, closed for traffic. .
Dear guests,
Dear guests, Dear guests,
Nordic walking What is it?
It is a form of recreation based on marches with special sticks. It was invented in Finland in the 1920s as a year-round training for cross-country skiers. In comparison to ordinary walking, Nordic walking involves applying force to poles on both sides (each side). Therefore, people who practice Nordic walking to a greater extent, though less intensively, engage the muscles of the body. What's more, the muscles (including the chest, triceps, biceps, arms and stomach) are also stimulated differently than in a normal walk. This leads to greater amplification than with ordinary walking or jogging.

Ważne informacje Przed rozpoczęciem ćwiczeń

What do research about Nordic Walking say? Research has shown that good training in Nordic Walking technique allows to achieve such health benefits as: improving the respiratory and cardiovascular systems, increasing the oxygen consumption by 20-58 per cent on average, depending on the intensity of sticking sticks. It also develops all the muscles of the lower limbs, extensorum of the upper limbs, strengthens the muscles of the trunk, arms and shoulders, increases the mobility of the upper spine and relieves muscle tone in the shoulder area. Low stress on the limbs of people who exercise Nordic walking makes it recommended for obese people. It does not worsen the condition of aching joints, especially knee joints. In addition, in comparison with ordinary walking, Nordic walking practically burns from 20% to 40% more calories.

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