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19 Feb 2020
20 Feb 2020

Massage offer

Relaxation massage

Relaxing massage is an ideal way for physical and mental tiredness. It relaxes the tense muscles, energizes and restores the psychophysical balance.

Full body massage Price 110 PLN / 50 min

Back massage Price PLN 70/25 min

Face massage Price PLN 70/25 min

Foot massage Price PLN 60/25 min

Face and head massage Price 80 PLN / 30 min


Classic massage

Full body massage Price 120 PLN / 50 min

Back massage Price 80 PLN / 25 min


Candle massage

Massage with a warm aromatic candle makes the skin moisturized, smooth and velvety to the touch. It brings relief to sensitive skin and improves its condition, relaxes perfectly and the heat and floating smell of oils work on all senses.

Full body massage Price 160 PLN / 50 min

Back massage Price PLN 90/25 min

back of the body massage Price 110 PLN / 40 min

The magic of touch

Overpowering the senses with an unearthly aroma, warm and subtle touch, the relaxing body massage intrigues and surprises by the unusual combination of aromatherapy, skin care and healing effects. Massage performed on Shea butter, which is a treasury of valuable ingredients for our skin

Full body massage Price 150.00 PLN / 50 min

Back Price 80.00 PLN / 25 min


Hot stones massage

Revitalizing and very relaxing massage. Perfectly relaxes tense muscles and calms down

Full body massage Price 170 PLN / 80 min

Massage- back of the body Price 130 PLN / 50 min

Back, neck and shoulder massage Price 80 PLN/25 min


Chocolate Delight

Relaxing chocolate massage regenerates and nourishes the microcirculation of the skin. The wonderful chocolate aroma accompanying the massage, stimulates the production of happiness hormones (endorphins), gives the feeling of relaxation and improvement of well-being. The skin after the treatment smells of chocolate, it is moisturized, soft and velvet

back of the body  Price 150.00 PLN / 50 min

back Price 80.00 PLN / 25 min


Bamboo bliss

Energizing body massage performed with sticks and bamboo brushes. Especially recommended for tired and tense muscles. During the massage with bamboo, we feel deep relaxation and the elimination of tensions. The body regains the feeling of lightness and the mind is in a state of absolute calmness

Price 140.00 PLN / 50 min

Price 80.00 PLN / 25 min


Chinese cupping massage

Anti-cellulite and modeling massage for problematic parts of the body. It can also be used in the case of spinal problems. Massage involves suction of the skin fold and subcutaneous tissues which causes stimulation of blood circulation, faster removal of toxins from the body as well as muscle relaxation

IMPORTANT! The ecchymia created after the massage are a normal reaction of the body and are usually absorbed within a few days. Thighs, buttom and belly

Price PLN 100/50 min

Thighs, buttom, belly /back Price PLN 70/25 min

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