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19 Feb 2020
20 Feb 2020

list of treatment


Name of the treatment Price Duration
Chocolate Mud Relaxing - rand aromatherapy back, neck and shoulder massage, real warm chocolate. 70,00PLN 25min
Massage with Bamboo Stick - energetic, stimulating-relaxing, back massage 79,00PLN 25min

Anti-cellulite massage - ntensive thigh and buttock massage performed on a special slimming serum using a glove and a Chinese bulb. The treatment strongly firming and eliminating the symptoms of cellulite

89,00PLN 25min
Antistress Neck Massage - massage strongly relaxing the neck muscles. 50,00PLN 15min

Regenerative Massage Foot - foot massage performed on warm olive, with highly moisturizing and regenerating.

50,00PLN 15min
Cleansing Ritual Washing - the body with natural Moroccan Savon Noir soap combined with an aromatic peeling helps remove dead skin cells and toxins, leaving the skin light. 129,00PLN 50min
Ultrasound liposuction - Non-invasive method of slimming, body shaping and reduction of body fat on selected parts of the body: buttocks / thighs / stomach 140,00PLN 25min
Ultrasound on thighs - The energy of Ultrasound stimulates and renews the skin. It is the most technologically advanced system for non-surgical body contouring and cellulite reduction. 130,00PLN 25min
Massage on Shea butter - A relaxing and strongly moisturizing body massage. Recommended especially for tired and busy people 119,00PLN 40min
Massage on the CERAGEM bed for 2 people - Strongly relaxing massage of the spine and back from the occiput to the tailbone with additional heating. 100,00PLN 40min

Relaxing massage - for 2 people Relaxing - body and mind silencing back massage for two.

120,00PLN 25min
A warming back - massage back, neck and shoulder massage preceded by irradiation with an IR lamp. 79,00 PLN 25 min
Hair&Body Caret - richological moisturizing treatment, improving the condition of the scalp and hair combined with a relaxing body scrub. The power of unique peeling, bathing and the introduction of serum into the scales of the hair moisturize and smooth, while the whole body peeling with the addition of shea butter introduces a state of relaxation, smoothing and moisturizing the whole body.
120,00PLN 80minut
Bali Rituala - ritual designed for exceptional body and mind care. The smell of jasmine in the air stimulates the senses and can enchant you for a long time. The body scrub refreshes and relaxes, and the candle massage with almond oil - it moisturizes the skin of the whole body. The treatment is recommended and 100% safe for pregnant women. 150,00PLN 100min
The ritual of Marrakesh - oriental ritual combining the ingredients of Morocco with the tradition of cleansing in hammam baths. A sand body scrub, argan oil, the smell of Damascus rose and purifying ghassoul clay transport us into the land of pleasure. The treatment is finished with bronzing mousse, after which the body takes on a radiance and warmth after the sun's rays. 150,00PLN 100min

Rytuał Zanzibar – orientalny rytuał łączący w sobie bogactwo składników aktywnych korzystanie wpływających na zegar biologiczny komórek skóry i widocznie je odmładza. Ekstrakt z jogurtu zapewnia 12 godzinne nawilżenie skóry. Zabieg przywraca jędrność i elastyczność skóry.  

150,00PlN 100min
Iceland ritual - a cleansing ritual that reduces the swelling and stagnation of fluids in intervertebral spaces with algae and minerals. It cleanses the body of toxins, improves metabolism and strengthens the immune system. Refreshing body peeling is the basis for relaxing massage and body wrapping with body shaping bandages. 150,00PLN 80min


Name of the treatment Price Duration
Gold of Morocco - a gentle face and head massage performed on an organic argan oil called the Moroccan gold. The confluence deeply nourishes and moisturizes the skin of the face and head. 70,00PLN 20min
Wealth of Diamond face massage - in combination with a diamond algae mask, recommended mainly for mature skin requiring a facelift. 119,00PLN 40min
Metamorphosis - introduction of active substances through needleless mesotherapy combined with an algae mask with gold. 140,00PLN 40min

Spring Cleansing Oxybrasion - intense exfoliation combined with massaging the serum chosen for the type of complexion.

119,00PLN 30min
Cocktail treatment - Express facial treatment consisting of peeling and introducing serum through sonophoresis. 99,00PLN 25min
Purifying and oxygenating treatment - Cavitation peeling with sonophoresis on the face. This is one of the methods of cleansing the face. It allows deep regeneration and refreshing through its oxygenation, additionally sonophoresis introduces active ingredients deep into the skin. 125,00PLN 40min
A nourishing elixir - gel, properly matched to the needs of the skin mask, combined with a session in the sauna will bring a fantastic effect of relaxation, visible on every face. 50,00PLN 25min
Probiotic Injection - probiotic treatment restoring homeostasis of the immune system of sensitive skin, dry and prone to allergies and people with skin problems. Probiotics form a protective barrier in the form of the proper microflora on the skin surface restoring the balance and preventing the multiplication of pathogenic microorganisms. 120,00PLN 50min
Hyaluron 3D - high and low molecular weight hyaluronic acid deeply moisturizes and fills wrinkles. Thanks to the use of needleless mesotherapy is introduced up to the dermis. The treatment is recommended for dehydrated, dry skin that requires refreshing and anti-wrinkle prophylaxis. 120,00PLN 50min
Lifting Tsunami - peptide-collagen treatment with lifting effect, using ultrasound. They cause the tissues to heat up to 40-45 ° C, tightening collagen fibers and stimulating fibroblasts to create new collagen and elastin. Plant and sea collagen reduce wrinkles and improve skin tone and hydration. 120,00PLN 50min
Vegan Power - cleansing and anti-wrinkle treatment with a Japanese rose, made on 100% vegan cosmetics, safe and recommended for all skin types, suitable for vegans, vegetarians and diabetics. It is ideally suited for people using gluten-free, lactose-free and cleansing diets. The skin during the treatment is cleansed, refreshed, moisturized and deeply nourished. 150,00PLN 50min
Oxylogic  – zabieg dedykowany jest dla skóry szarej, zmęczonej i wymagającej rewitalizacji. W połączeniu z peelingiem kawitacyjnym zabieg dostarcza skórze niezbędnego tlenu, a dzięki mezoterapii bezigłowej także rozświetla, nawilża i działa odmładzająco. Maska na koniec zabiegu zwiększa ilość tlenu dostarczaną do komórek skóry oraz stymuluje aktywność fibroblastów produkujących kolagen i elastynę. 160,00PLN 70min
Power Pure – zabieg stymulujący skórę poprzez połączenie 100% witaminy C i 5% retinolu, dedykowany głównie do cery dojrzałej z widocznymi oznakami starzenia się oraz do cery przebarwionej. 160,00PLN 50min


The name of the treatment Price Duration
Silk treatment Hands Smoothing treatment for hands with the use of serum and paraffin preceded by peeling. 85,00PLN 25min
SPA manicure A biological manicure combined with a serum for hands and nail painting. 70,00PLN 40min
Divine Feet foot care (peeling + mask) and nails polish. 80,00PLN  
Hybrid manicure manicure combined with a hybrid creates the perfect duo at any time of the year, the durability styling cannot resist any woman 110,00PLN 50min
Hybrid Pedicure beautiful and healthy feet finished with a shiny hybrid varnish, will make everyone feel special. 120,00PLN 60min

IMPORTANT! Please be advised that the value of the vouchers received does not add up. Vouchers are not subject to transfer and merger.

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