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11 Aug 2022
12 Aug 2022
Wonderful place
Wonderful place

Wonderful place

The Lipowa commune is located in the south of the Silesian, in the western part of the Żywiecka Basin, at the foot of the Skrzyczne massif (1257 m above sea level), the highest elevation of the Silesian Beskids, near the city of Żywiec. It is close to border crossings to Slovakia - in Zwardoń and Korbielów.
Wonderful place
Wonderful place Wonderful place
Beautiful landscapes
The natural richness of the Lipowa region is forests and beautiful landscapes, which are shaped by the valleys of the Leśnianka, Kalonki, Wieśnik and Żarnówka streams. The varied terrain and rich vegetation create very good areas for tourism, recreation and various forms of active rest.

Attractions around Spend your free time actively

The forest areas are very attractive for tourists, and the relatively well-developed network of communication routes makes them easily accessible to tourists. You can take advantage of the many hiking and cycling routes that lead through the picturesque countryside of the Żywiec and Silesian Beskids. There are good conditions for mountain biking, and the close proximity of the Żywieckie Lake creates opportunities for water sports. Within the forest massif of Malinowska Skała (1150m above sea level), there is a beautiful panorama with attractive routes, from which you can admire wonderful views of Lipowa and its surroundings. The most popular hiking trails of the area are: Blue trail: Lipowa - Ostre - Hala Jaskowa - Skrzyczne (1257m above sea level) Yellow trail: Lipowa - Ostre - Zimnik Valley - Łukaszne - Kościelec - Malinowska Skała connects with red - Malinowska Cave - White Cross Green trail: Ostre - Hala Ostre - Muronka - Magurka Radziechowska connects with the red one to Barania Góra

Places worth seeing Attractions around

• Educational Path in Zimnik valley – two hours tour through the beautiful forest with many educational elements. Tourist stops are located on the route, some knowledge about the nature is also presented. The distance is approximately 1.5 km. The time it takes to go across the track and analyze the topics presented on the bulletin board is approximately 2 hours. The route path begins at the car parking 500 meters from the hotel. At the entrance to the car parking you can find a table presenting the route the stops. Chair lift to the top Skrzyczne in Szczyrk Skrzyczne (1257 m above sea level) the highest peak in the mountain group of the Silesian Beskids in the Western Outer Carpathians in Poland. Lower station - Jaworzyna is open from 8.30 (weekend) or from 9.30 (Monday-Friday) to 17.00, in winter it is open until about 16.00 o Surprising Forest Park in Ustroń - is a place that you should visit. Located in Ustroń Zawodzie in the Silesian Beskid. It is a paradise for photographers, who have here the possibility of photographing animals in almost natural conditions. This unconventional zoo, which surprises its form, allows for communing with nature, wildlife, entertainment and education in the natural conditions of old trees. o Żywiec Brewery Museum – was launched September 9, 2006 year in the cellar carved into the rock to commemorate the 150th anniversary of its existence. The Museum consists of 18 halls covering an area of 1600 m2. Museum interiors reflect the emergence of beer at the brewery. The visit starts in the Hall of Three Elements, where you can find the ingredients from which it gets a beer and a detailed model of the brewery. Subsequent rooms transport visitors using "Time Machine" to the nineteenth-century Żywiec is where you can find architects, cooperage workshop, shops, or Galician tavern. The next meeting is already the twentieth century is the attraction of such a room in Art Deco style with bowling hall, showing the process of creating beer, from ancient times to modern. The exhibition includes the visual media (images, video, sound, projection). Visiting the museum rooms displaying end period of socialism, and seasoned with a maze of dozens of photos, which you should find a way out. After sightseeing, it is possible to taste a beer (or juice). o Miniature Park in Inwald - Only in the Miniature Park we can go on a trip around the world – in just one day. We need several minutes to cross borders. There is a lot of a cleverly designed alleys leading up to another states and its monuments. In the Miniature Park are over 50 models of the most famous architectural wonders from all over the world, such as: the Acropolic Temple, the Colosseum, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, St Peter’s Basilica, the Statue of Liberty, the Great Wall of China, the Eiffel Tower, the Triumphal Arc, the Big Ben, the Sphinx and the White House. o Żywieckie lake – storage reservoir of Sola river near Żywiec. The creation in 1966 resulted flooded the village, including Tresna, Zadziela and old Żywiec.  Total capacity: 94,6 million m³  Lake area: 10 km²  Height of dam: 39 m  Depth: 26,8m  there is a possibility of Swimming, fishing, sailing, windsurfing and sightseeing boat trip o Castle in Pszczyna - is a classicist magnate palace in Pszczyna, constructed as a castle in 13th century or earlier, in a gothic style, it was rebuilt several times. The classicist modernization transformed the castle into what is usually described a palace. Since 1946 it is a site of the Muzeum Zamkowe (Castle Museum). The castle survived the first and the second war, most of its furniture and art is being presented as it was back in 17th century. • Zatorland Park – located in Zator – the biggest Dinosaurus Park with animate dinosaurus in Poland, with its own 3D cinema as well as Park of Mythology, Park of Insects, Park of St. Claus in the Land of Fables

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